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Web Design is often a misunderstood artform. Most entrepreneurs think that it is just a way to make your site look cool.

What We DO

It is the mission of Body Modified to make readers aware of the importance of Web Design in the overall marketing strategy of a website.

Why Web Design for Your Site Matters

It needs to be said outright: web design goes way beyond the aesthetic value. It is integral in your business’ overall web marketing strategy. It is the engine that ultimately drives content promotion and user experience.

This article briefly explains the importance of web design. Hopefully, by the end of it, you will have a better appreciation as to why web design matters for your site.

Aesthetic and Functionality

Admittedly, of course, the whole internet experience is primarily a visual one. This was further amplified with the introduction of mobile browsing. However, this does not mean that web design is limited to the purely aesthetic.

For instance, your color scheme, navigation tools, and layout are all crucial aspects of how your website works. If these elements are not used properly, then you are not optimizing your website. Remember that all these design elements have concrete effects on user experience. If your site has confusing navigation, poorly placed ads, and distracting colors then your user-friendliness score will definitely suffer.


This article presented a few examples of why design is important for your site. Aesthetic value and functionality should always go together. Always keep that in mind.

Why Your Business Should Upgrade to a Responsive Web Design

Web developers understand the basic principle that different sites have different needs. After all, designing a website all depends on its goals. Hence, their success depends on having the right feature installed. However, there is one feature that has become a universal necessity. That is responsive web design.

Definition: Responsive Web Design

When we speak of responsive web design, we are referring to the feature that allows a site’s layout to properly adjust depending on the type of screen being used. For instance, you have a website design with multiple columns that is for perfect a wide screen display. With the responsive web design feature, you should still be able to view the same site on a smaller screen perfectly –  with appropriate adjustments seamlessly made to the images, text, and other content.

Importance of Responsive Web Design

The main importance of responsive web design is its ability to make support the multi-device user. In today’s world, most users have smartphones and computers which they use for browsing. In order to maximize that fact, you will want a website that is compatible for both. This way your customer can effortlessly continue their shopping even as they switch between devices. If your site does not have this function, then you are bound to lose.


Responsive web design is crucial for e-businesses to keep up with the demands of the market. Don’t be left behind. Do not hesitate to upgrade now.

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